Breathe Life into Your Profile with Google Business Gallery

As a business owner, whether small or big, you always strive to stand out. Knowing your business product and how much effort you put into it, showcasing its worth to your potential customers, deserves your time and attention. 

The Importance of Your Logo

Today, we will delve into specific details and explore the optimal ways to utilize your Google Business Gallery(GBP). Let’s start by saying a few words about one of the two so-called identity images on your Business profile, the Logo. As a holder of your brand identity, the Logo plays an important role and this hasn’t been overlooked by Google. It is basically your Profile image and it will be displayed on your listing when you publish Google posts, photos and review replies. 

Stay tuned until the end of the article to discover another important function of the logo in today’s Pro Tip.

Choosing Your Cover Image

When selecting the second identity image for a GBP listing, known as the Cover, it’s essential to choose wisely. In most cases, this image serves as the primary one displayed by Google for the business on Google Search’s Knowledge Panel and Google Maps. However, it’s important to note that there are no guarantees, the algorithm may select a different image from your gallery or one from a third-party website, and on rare occasions, a user-uploaded photo. Based on our Luau-experience, we’ve found that clear and well-lit exterior views of the business tend to have the best chance of being featured.

Diverse Range of Images

Regarding the remainder of your gallery, ensure to include a diverse range of images that effectively represent your business’s offerings and ambience. There are various photo types you can incorporate into your Business Profile:

Storefront Photos

Exterior photos serve to help customers identify your business as they approach it from different angles. Google advises adding a minimum of three exterior photos. It’s recommended to capture photos from various directions that customers might approach your location. For optimal results, include images taken at different times of the day and ensure that your business’s signage is prominently featured

In-store and interior photos

Interior photos are essential for giving customers a sense of the ambience of your business. It’s recommended to include at least three to five in-store images to provide customers with a glimpse of what your business looks like inside.

Product and Service Photos

These photos will offer customers a clearer insight into the types of goods and services you provide. Highlighting your most popular items is recommended to give customers a glimpse of what your business specializes in.

Team Photos

These photos are great for presenting a more personal side of your business. Consider telling a story through the photos, showcasing the people behind the business and conveying the atmosphere of teamwork and high level of service.

Guidelines and Policies

Now that you have the full set of images, you are ready to present it to the world. But not so quickly… as with everything, there are certain policies and guidelines that you need to abide by. You can refer to Google’s Help page to learn all about the criteria that the imagery files should meet. Here is a glimpse of the main requirements:

Utilizing Videos

We can’t conclude this topic without mentioning the option of uploading videos. Google provides the opportunity to upload short videos, up to 30 seconds in length. Therefore, careful planning and preparation are necessary to make the most of this brief time frame.

Pro Tip: Troubleshooting Imagery

And now, for the moment you’ve been eagerly anticipating, the Pro tip of the day: If you’ve uploaded images in your dashboard and they appear to be accepted and published but are nowhere to be found on your listing, try uploading a logo or re-uploading one. This action may trigger the publication of the imagery.

Hope your business is now shining, attracting new customers and your conversion rate is skyrocketing. 🙂 Happy optimizing, until next time!

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